Unfair Competition

Are you the victim of unfair competition? Fight it.

When they want to boycott your business, and they don’t care about the Law or formalities, or respect, or anything at all, you are facing a clear example of unfair competition. And you can’t afford for them to invade your territory.

Furthermore, the law protects you. In fact, the Unfair Competition Law of 1991 provides strong protection not only for consumers, but also for companies, regulating those practices that must be considered unfair in free competition between companies.

At H&A ABOGADOS, we know how to help you. Our double expertise in the protection of industrial property and unfair competition enables us to get ahead and find the best way to stop illegal acts that lack good faith.

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Our Unfair Competition Department offers:

At H&A ABOGADOS, we have extensive experience in the defence and formulation of judicial actions aimed at defending the rights of our clients in all those situations that can be defined as unfair competition.

  • One of the most common, and legally permitted, scenarios between competitors are acts of comparison between products and services.
  • This includes acts of imitation, provided that the imitated product or service is not covered by an exclusive right recognised by law, for example, through a trademark, design or patent.
  • In such cases, it is very difficult to decide when there is unfairness and when there is not. And it is in those situations, when the experience and track record of H&A ABOGADOS are essential to overcome unfair competition and ensure that it is defined as such.