Customs Law and Customs Monitoring

Anti-piracy, the fight we have taken on.

At H&A ABOGADOS, we fight tooth and nail against piracy: we protect your value.

Globalisation and internationalisation of companies has brought with it a number of advantages for both consumers and producers. With them, however, we have also seen an avalanche of imitation and counterfeit goods on the market, which is a malpractice that puts our health at risk and causes millions in losses.

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Our Anti-piracy Department offers the following:

From H&A ABOGADOS, we offer consultancy services and will accompany you in every phase of the procedure worldwide in relation to anti-piracy which seeks to prevent goods from entering the market (measures taken at customs) and to fight against those goods that are already within borders (coordination of the confiscation of goods, extrajudicial and judicial proceedings).

Request for and modification of:

  • Requests for monitoring both European and national customs.
  • Requests for Anti-piracy Surveillance in Europe before the State Security Forces and Corps.
  • Renewals of Customs Surveillance Authorisations
  • Extensions and administration of the customs surveillance in force
  • Replies to notices from the Customs authorities and the Police.

Analysis and proceedings for:

  • Destruction of counterfeit goods
  • Release of genuine goods seized.
  • Special Administrative Proceedings for the seizure of counterfeit goods.
  • Judicial proceedings for the confiscation of counterfeit goods.

Why might you need our services?

  • Filing intervention requests or surveillance, whether before the customs authorities or the State Security Forces and Corps, may be an arduous and complex task with different requirements depending on the country.
  • The deadlines for reporting to authorities if the goods are counterfeit or original and proceeding with the necessary corresponding actions are very short.
  • There is no point in having a registered trademark or a patent that protects our good if the rights are not effectively protected at the borders of countries where can be counterfeited.
  • Our team is prepared to handle the administrative and judicial proceedings in a wide range of countries where we provide services of this type.

What can we do for you?

  • We will request immediate action by registering any IP right before the customs authorities or the State Security Forces and Corps
  • We will send notices to the infringing parties to cease in their actions and to proceed to the destruction of the pirated goods.
  • We verify with the customs authorities that such goods have been destroyed.
  • We coordinate with other law firms around the world that are experts in the international trafficking of counterfeit goods.
  • We exercise civil and criminal actions to enforce your rights.
  • We provide legal services to put an end to parallel imports.