Intellectual Property / Audiovisual Law

The essential intellectual property.

Protecting intellectual property is synonymous to technological progress. It affects all business sectors and any entity, whether public or private.

And it also enables protection for creations that cannot be registered as patents, thereby given them exclusive exploitation rights.

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Our Intellectual Property Department offers the following:
  • General consultancy services on copyrights and related rights.
  • Drafting, review and negotiation of contracts, including specific clauses and contracts concerning intellectual property in labour relations.
  • Consulting corporate documentation and/or compliance with proceedings according to regional and international legislation.
  • Protection of the proprietary creations and consultancy services concerning the use of third-party creations, including those relating to software, databases, web pages, publications, photographs, works of art (musical, literary, plastic, cinematographic, multimedia, etc.), particularly for the use and dissemination of all the above by means of new means of dissemination and ICTs.
  • Legal, customs and registration proceedings.
  • Copyright registrations.

Legal advisory services and protection

  • Study of the case and feasibility analysis.
  • Specialised legal consultancy services, preparation of legal reports, opinions and informative notes.
  • Representation before intellectual property right management entities.
  • Registration of works in the US Copyright Office.
  • Protection before Spanish Intellectual Property registries.
  • Escrow and notarised contracts.


  • Legal representation before the corresponding courts and offices.
  • Filing of judicial and extrajudicial claims.
  • Intermediary services with intellectual property right management entities.
  • Extrajudicial negotiation and dispute resolution.
  • Customs proceedings.


  • Preparation of contracts between authors, editors, producers, artists and performers, among others.
  • Assignment and licensing agreements for proprietary rights.
  • Literary editing agreements.
  • Software development, maintenance and licensing agreements.


  • TV operators.
  • Movie and music production companies.
  • TV and radio advertisers.
  • Record companies.
  • Video game industry.
  • Artists and performers.
  • Influencers.
  • Other agents in the audio-visual sector.

Main services

  • Search for and management of funding for audio-visual works.
  • Advisory services on fiscal incentives relating to the audio-visual sector.
  • Legal aid and contracting relating to audio-visual law.
  • Legal defense of the right to honour, privacy and image.
  • Legal advisory services concerning video games and new digital works (NFT).
  • Protection and defense of industrial and intellectual property rights.