Digital Law / Data Protection

Is your online presence legal?

Your website is your point of sale, your home, the place where you concentrate your efforts to draw in potential clients. But is it legal?

To act on the Internet, you must fulfil certain legal requirements. There are a number of laws that apply (LSSI, LOPD, GDPR, etc.), and these laws are constantly subject to legislative changes.

At H&A ABOGADOS, we can help you: we are experts in Digital Law and Data Protection. We know what you need and how to adjust legal needs to your particular case, depending on your purpose, use and presence on the Internet.

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Our Digital Law Department offers the following:
  • At H&A ABOGADOS, we are experts in Digital Law and Data Protection.
  • We adapt websites so that they actually fulfil the legislation in force.
  • We can define what you really need together with you. No more protection than what you need, no excess formalities.
  • We offer you permanent contact to resolve your doubts.
  • We can prepare the texts that are required for your web to fulfil all legal obligations: privacy policy, legal notice, cookie policy and terms and conditions of contracting.
  • We review any agreements having anything to do with your website.
  • We can help you put together a virtual shop, giving you all the legal instruments you may need.
  • We provide advisory services concerning industrial property (design) and intellectual property (graphics and photographs) of your website.

Personal Data Protection

  • Data protection auditing services.
  • Comprehensive advisory services about General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 and Law 3/2018 on Data Protection and the Guarantee of Digital Services.
  • Adaptation of web pages by means of the drafting and delivery of legal texts that are essential to fulfil the previously mentioned regulation, as well as the Law on E-commerce and Information Society.
  • Data protection officer services.
  • EU representative service.
  • Training and awareness-raising service.


  • Risk analysis.
  • Security operations: detection of unsafe behaviours, weaknesses and threats, blocking attacks against the system, recovery…
  • Ethical hacking: intrusion testing.
  • Digital Surveillance.
  • Encrypted web connections: HTTPS, SSL and TLS.
  • Training and awareness-raising.
  • Perimeter security: IDS/IPS, MDM, DLP, WAF, NFGW.
  • Digital transformation.
  • Endpoint solutions.
  • Firewall security.
  • Security in Cloud systems.

We can help you protect your trademark online on social media, marketplaces and in other online settings, and prevent other domain names, social media profiles or the sale of counterfeit goods from being able to cause irreparable harm to the reputation of your business.

  • We will handle reporting a profile on social media that infringes your trademark.
  • We can provide advisory services in the case of trademark infringement of a domain name.
  • We will represent you in arbitration proceedings for the recovery, cancellation or blocking of domains, Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) and the Uniform Resolution System (URS).
  • We will take action against trademark infringements and counterfeits on marketplaces.
  • We can advise you in cases of spoofing or fraud on the Internet.
  • We will periodically monitor the use of the trademark online.

Reputation of the trademark

  • We will protect your trademark in the online setting, the hallmark of any firm or company.
  • We will control patronage or advertising, both of which are crucial in this sector. Social media and influencers are also used.
  • We will monitor the correct legalisation of contracts with each of your providers and partners (licensees, dealers, manufacturers, designers, brand ambassadors, etc.).

Infringement of IP rights on web pages, blogs, social media or the marketplace

  • Proceedings online to report profiles or content on social media.​​
  • Sending notices to infringing parties.​
  • Drafting reports concerning online presence, possible infringements, etc.
  • Monitoring and persecuting falsified content.
  • Revision and drafting of patronage agreements, online contracting conditions, terms and conditions for contests and promotions…