Fashion Law

Is there anything that is more of a collective group effort than fashion? You definitely need Fashion Law

Stop and think about each and every one of the professionals and companies that participate in the fashion sector, from the idea to the final sale. How do you ensure that every step of the process is carried out with legal guarantees? Easy: with Fashion Law.

SMEs, large companies, designers, manufacturers, distributors, transportation companies, models, representatives, influencers or fashion ambassadors and many others. The endless list of professionals involved in fashion is extremely long and varied and, therefore, offering a comprehensive legal support service capable of covering all stages of production, distribution and marketing in the fashion world is essential.

This is right where the Fashion Law Department at H&A ABOGADOS can help you.

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Our Fashion Law Department offers:
  • At H&A ABOGADOS, we identify your legal needs or those of your company and draw up a plan of action through comprehensive advice, taking into account, from the business perspective of fashion, the legal regulations and rules that affect the sector.
  • We prepare data protection policies and legal documentation adapted to current legal regulations for your website.
  • We set up your online shop with all the legal instruments it may need.
  • We prosecute counterfeits and defend your rights in court.
  • We protect your most precious intangibles through trade secrets.
  • We draft and review contracts with suppliers and partners (licensees, distributors, manufacturers, designers, brand ambassadors, etc.), and, if necessary, we engage in negotiation processes. We also do this in relation to franchises and social networks.
  • We also look after and protect sponsorship and advertising, which are crucial in this sector, ensuring that they are properly regulated.